UofN Siem Reap

We have been here since August 2006. We exist to be part in transforming the Khmer society through educating and training individual holistically. We are an international group of Christians that have joined hands together to fulfil Jesus’s commandments to love God, love others as ourselves, and make disciples of Jesus Christ. “Saturating the 12 districts in Siem Reap province and beyond through humanitarian and Christian works.” We are already present in 4 districts (Siem Reap, Pouk, Angkor Tom, and Bakong) and work has been steadily progressing and growing. We have had short term projects in 4 other districts, which we follow up on. There are still 4 more districts that are unreached yet reachable! You can be a part of what we are doing through prayer, volunteer service, coming as part of teams, and in your giving so God’s dream can be fulfilled!(The more people, the merrier and work gets done faster!)




Our History

Just a random “tourist” to see this renowned tourist place in Siemreap, this small family of three (Fhonkie & Hya Masigman’s family) then came to Siemreap in 2006 to see the attractions. Little did they know that their first encounter with a tuktuk driver who happened to be speaking good English language, would be a start of their unprecedented future. When this couple asked the tuktuk driver where he acquired his English language, he said, “I go to the Buddhist temple (pagoda) to learn English language from the monks.” From the monks! This couple were very challenged about the dire need to be educated by this foreign language that can be used for their economic survival. Where are the Christian educators? This was then an eye opener of this couple that they can be one of the answers of this need-Language and Life Skills education. The tour journey did not stop from their encounter with the tuktuk driver. They were astounded of the sight of women working in the construction sights carrying bricks and working in building roads where that was never an option for women to work with of the country where they’re from. They thought that if these women will acquire at least some foreign language skills, they will be able to get the employment in establishments and even some house work in an expats home. From there, they decided to be obedient to God to come and work in Siemreap in the field of education. In August 2006, they moved to Siemreap where they were a family of four and started the 1st Language and Life Skills training center in a focused village. The Lord brought many people to partner with them in their work until the ministry grew into a YWAM Base. Today YWAM/UofN Siemreap is reaching out to the 12 districts of Siemreap province and beyond in humanitarian and Christian endeavors.

Part of the YWAM family of ministries